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I own a handgun, what's next


You've purchased a gun so the next step is finding the perfect concealed carry handbag.     Some websites give lots of product details, others offer very limited information but most of us don't even know what we should be looking for beyond the normal issues of price, color, style.    Here are a few important considerations.    

Locks:  Only a few brands feature locks on the zipper sliders of the holster pocket.   

This is an important feature for women who are around young children or who find themselves in situations when the handbag might be out of their immediate control.   Of course the gun is not accessible when the holster pocket is locked so the user must assess the risk and  determine when or whether to lock it.   At least, if one purchases a handbag which features these small locks, then that option is available when needed.   

Length of the zipper opening on the holster pocket. 

Be sure the opening measures at least 7 inches so one's hand can grasp the gun and easily pull it from the holster.   Longer is better.


A few brands  do not include a holster or a dedicated pocket.     The handgun must be held in the proper position to quickly grasp the grip and the trigger must be protected, so a holster in the pocket, which adjusts to properly fit the gun, is a critical component . 

Adjustable straps 

The bag functions as a holster and as such the holster pocket must be in position to provide access to properly grasp and present the weapon.   Adjustable straps allow the wearer to fit the bag to their body.   

Left or right handed access.  

For left-handed users,  be sure any brand stating its' products are ambidextrous  means  you don't need to wear the handbag  "backwards or inside out" to access the holster pocket. 

Organizational Features

"Situational awareness", "condition yellow".  These terms refer to being aware and in the mindset to defend oneself.   Having an organized handbag helps keep one's focus on surroundings rather than digging around trying to find something in the handbag.   Consider looking for features such as various sizes of pockets, both inside and out, a key clasp, slots for cards.  Be sure the handbag is large enough to hold the gun and still have a roomy central compartment.  If it is too narrow, the gun may push into the center leaving very little room for those other essentials.  

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